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Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 486. Sweet Dreams Recap: Princess Amy by Melinda Pollowitz

This is a weird one, y’all. We’re taking a trip back to the early 80s where fiction for teens and pre-teens came with some awful, upsetting messaging, but also some fantastic clothing choices, some excellent descriptions of weird children’s birthday parties, a cute boy and a very good dog. It’s Princess Amy by Melinda Pollowitz!

I figured I’d probably have to issue some warnings at some point, re-reading vintage YA, so here we are.

TW/CW: assault, jerkward rich bros, disordered eating, and severe anti-fat bias.

I want to know what you’d put in the epilogue to this book – please comment or email your ideas because I am desperate to fix this.

487. The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton with Julia Quinn: Julia Quinn joins me to talk about The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton, a new release collecting quotes about the different characters, plus new commentary from Lady Whistledown. We talk about picking up Lady W’s pen after 20 years, looking back on the original series, her most embarrassing moment from high school, and the joyful romance fans in Brazil. Thank you to Katerine, Crystal, Rhonda, Katherine, Agnes, Kelly, Laura, and Kate for the questions.
Kingdom of Thirst
Kingdom of Thirst: Episode 62: The Bennet Women with Eden Appiah-Kubi

It’s author interview time! This week, Abigail is delighted to welcome Eden Appiah-Kubi to the pod to talk about her book THE BENNET WOMEN. Discussion includes mutant squirrels, the importance of retelling classics, happy endings, and the invisible context of enduring stories.

Episode 63: A Vampire for Christmas I: Welcome to the KoT holiday special: A Vampire For Christmas! Grab your blood bags, stakes, engagement rings, and mistletoe, y’all, because we’re getting down and vampy for three weeks of holiday episodes. The first of this special series is brought to you by Kensington’s newest title from Therese Beharrie, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER! Discussion topics include bad Ebay purchases, CM Nascosta’s MABON FEAST, and festive vampires.

Honestly Take One - Episode Four
Honestly!?: Episode #195 – And Boy Did We Tango

On this week’s episode we’re talking about Get A Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, Party Favors by Erin McClellan, the 90 Day Fiancé cinematic universe, fatphobia on TikTok, 5SOS and their foray into the world of podcasting, and more!

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: November 19, 2021

About trusting the subconscious and intuition – but why it’s important to remember that we have a critical, conscious brain also for a reason. Also the MAGIC of story devices like ticking clocks and firm rules.

First Cup of Coffee – November 22, 2021: Down time and how access to the internet has changed that for me. Also thoughts on going pantsless, misogyny, and another subtrope of “not like other girls” that annoys me.

First Cup of Coffee – November 29, 2021: What does “high maintenance” really mean and is it relevant when you’re maintaining yourself? And the consuming human need to provide answers and what that has to do with me learning my multiplication tables.

First Cup of Coffee – November 30, 2021: How to predict a phenom, or whether or not any work of art is fundamentally “good” – whatever that means – or will be successful.

First Cup of Coffee – December 2, 2021: Reclaiming derogatory terms and owning them as an expression of power. Also, updates on release date changes, along with insights on ways to (hopefully) workaround some of Amazon’s restrictions.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 347 – From “Hollywood Hopefuls” to “Coleridge Cliffs” with Jeris Jean

Jeris Jean joins us to talk about “Romantic Hero,” the first book in her new “Coleridge Cliffs” series. We also discuss the “Hollywood Hopefuls” series, find out about the author Jeris is obsessed with, and find out how she went from academia to romance author. Plus, Jeris has some great book recommendations. The guys also announce new guests for Big Gay Fiction Fest and Jeff reviews “tick, tick…BOOM!” on Netflix.

Episode 348: Big Gay Fiction Book Club November 2021: “The Lights on Knockbridge Lane” by Roan Parrish: Jeff & Will discuss the delightful holiday romance “The Lights on Knockbridge Lane” by Roan Parrish. As always, in our book club chat there are spoilers ahead so keep that in mind if you haven’t read the book yet. Make sure you keep listening after our discussion to hear the first chapter of the audiobook, narrated by Michael Dean.

Ep 349: Holiday Romance Reviews: Jeff & Will review the holiday romances “The Geek Who Saved Christmas” by Annabeth Albert, “Forever Wilde in Aster Valley” by Lucy Lennox, “Christmas Mountain” by Garrett Leigh, and “Spiced Kisses” by Charlie Novak. They also preview books they’re looking forward to in the first half of December, including titles from Alice Crane, Charlie Novak, Keira Andrews, Lane Hayes, RJ Scott & V.L. Locey, K.C. Kassidy, Sophie Gonzales & Cale Dietrich, Riley Hart, and Jax Calder.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 171: Tokyo Ever After (with Talia Hibbert)

This week, New Reads November 2021 comes to its grand finale with a conversation about Emiko Jean’s Tokyo Ever After. Tune in for discussions about the importance of representation in publishing, the differences in book covers from one country to the next, tabloid culture, fantastic literary parents, the tensions between tradition and progress, and The Princess Diaries.

Talia Hibbert is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Get a Life, Chloe Brown; Take a Hint, Dani Brown; and Act Your Age, Evie Brown. Follow her on Instagram (@taliahibbert) and Twitter (@TaliaHibbert).

Lit Wallflowers Logo
Lit Wallflowers: New to Us – In the Midst of Shadows by Nicola Italia & Once a Laird by Mary Jo Putney

We got double the fun this week for New-to-Us November! We read recently released “In the Midst of Shadows” by Nicola Italia and “Once a Laird” by Mary Jo Putney.

If you love a mystery and suspense in your historical fiction, “In the Midst of Shadows” is for you! Lavinia wrote short stories and through connections, she became the next penny dreadful author for a publication and her fandom kept asking for more. However, some of her stories became reality and Detective Chief Inspector Harrison needed to solve the mysteries. Whodunit? Was it someone who was present at her publisher’s house party or was it one of her fans? Things got even more real when she herself was in danger.

If you love small town romances with Viking history in northern Scotland and kindness karma, “Once a Laird,” book six in the Rogues Redeemed series is for you! Kai Douglas Ramsey kept his promise and returned home in time to see his grandfather then take over as Laird. To reacquaint himself with his townsfolk, Signy, the previous Laird’s assistant would accompany him on his visits around the land. Kai finds out how hard live had been and the kindnesses his grandfather showed their people. However, a loan was discovered with a relation Kai didn’t trust and securing the sources for repayment endangered both his and Signy’s lives.

Join us as we discuss a historical mystery and a historical romance, both that had elements of human kindness!

New to Us – Brazen Angel with @bookishlyruby: Elizabeth Boyle is our New-to-Us November author and we are starting from the beginning with her debut book “Brazen Angel!”

The Brazen Angel loved masquerade balls! The balls allowed her to enchant wealthy aristocrats and rob them. When one or two of those “gentlemen” have a friend like Giles, Marquess of Trahern, who was bored and had special skills, he too was at the balls trying to catch her in the act.

Who Giles really needed to catch or stop from running away was his future wife that his father chose for him. However, Lady Sophia was hard to catch, she kept duping each family member into thinking she was with one relation, but was off doing something else.

Lady Sophia had other plans before a quick marriage. Giles didn’t have time at the moment to find his betrothed because he had an important mission in France. He went to track down the Brazen Angel who was connected to the death of his friend and colleague, a woman with familiar eyes!

Join us as we discuss an adventure, family-oriented, secret identity historical romance with our fellow bookstagrammer @bookishlyruby!

Click here for where to listen.

Shocked and Applaud
Shocked & Applaud: Barbarella Part 3: Mathmos … Not Even Once

It’s time to fly away! We’ll introduce you to Duran Duran’s organ-asm machine, the Great Tyrant’s chamber of dreams, the viva, then less-so-viva revolution, and the rest of the machine-gun plot.

Plus, as always, our shocked and applaudable moments!

Let’s finish this turkey!

Click here for where to listen.

Rebel Girls Book Club Logo
Rebel Girls Book Club: Indigenous Anarchism

In this episode, Maggie and Harmony explore Indigenous Anarchism and the Land Back movement.

Click here for where to listen.

You Might Be Wondering How We Got Here
You Might Be Wondering How We Got Here: SWAT Season 2 – 2020 Q1: Julie

We’re back with the first arc of Season 2! For this arc, we are going to be playing a minigame as our heroes traverse the wild and crazy year that is 2020. First, we start with a brief explanation of the system and we hop into the First Quarter of Julie’s year! It seems she’s decided to join PIDA: The Paranormal Investigations and Defense Agency. Let’s see how she does at BootCamp…

31. Brother’s Best Friend’s Sick Bed
What Would Danbury Do?: 31. Brother’s Best Friend’s Sick Bed

Honoria [21ish] is a very bad violinist but a very good cousin and member of the Smythe-Smith family. Every year, she and her unmarried cousins play in a musicale that corrupts Mozart to a spectacular degree, but it’s tradition and tradition is nice and Honoria loves her family and their traditions. But that doesn’t mean she wants to play in the musicale again. Enter Marcus [29ish], a very reticent Earl for whom the Smythe-Smiths represent the only family he’s ever known. But when he runs into Honoria again, she’s not quite the bratty little sister-type he remembers.

It’s Season Four of What Would Danbury Do… and we’re moving into the Bridgerton expanded universe.

Click here for where to listen.


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