Weekend Podcast Guide: Can We Tempt You?


Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 489. Archangel’s Light with Nalini Singh

My guest this week is Nalini Singh! I have reader questions from our Patreon community and publicist and past podcast guest Erin Galloway about Archangel’s Light, Nalini’s latest release. We cover writing multiple series at the same time. We also talk about fan art, which she absolutely loves, and about reading slumps – and how to escape them.

Kingdom of Thirst
Kingdom of Thirst: Episode 65: A Vampire For Christmas III

It’s the final part of our A Vampire For Christmas special event! Buckle up for more nonsense, because this one is just a little bit unhinged. Discussion topics include Abigail’s obsession with Theodore Roosevelt, copfishing, baby’s first blood chai, a lot of heckin’ swears, and declaring your commitment to your vampire lover under the eyes of the Lord. Also, Abigail throws a book in this one.

Honestly Take One - Episode Four
Honestly!?: Episode #198 – Champ-Pain And Shorks

On this week’s episode we’re talking about the season finale of Succession, Candyman (2021), the best and worst discoveries on Shudder, and more!

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: December 10, 2021

A short episode today as I’ve been knocked off my pillow a bit, on the toll of chronic disease and dealing with prescriptions, and how the love bubble helps. Also I’m sharing this lovely artwork Assistant Carien gave me!

First Cup of Coffee – December 13, 2021: A farewell to Anne Rice, memories of the Science Fiction Book Club, my experiences with Annie Proulx back in the day and the book THE POWER OF THE DOG.

First Cup of Coffee – December 14, 2021: On writing out of order, using [insert sex scene here], and other thoughts on owning our writing process. Also dealing with chronic disease, abruptly disappearing spoons, and life in general.

Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 351 – Book Recommendation Blowout

Jeff & Will review four seasonal books: “The Nutcracker” by Robin Knight, “Dallas Christmas” by RJ Scott, “Ginger Snapping all the Way” by Gabbi Grey, and “The Bromance Zone” by Lauren Blakely. They also preview books that are coming before the end of the year, including titles from E.M. Lindsey, Merry Farmer, Emma Lyon, Lily Morton, Ariella Zoelle, J.A. Rock & Lisa Henry, and Jayce Ellis. The guys also discuss “Annie Live” and “Live in Front of a Studio Audience.”

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 173: Finding My Voice (with Jane Igharo)

For the final book episode of 2021, Alli and her guest experience a new-to-them classic, Marie Myung-Ok Lee’s Finding My Voice, which was first published in 1992 and reissued in 2021. The book explores the universal questions of identity and race and tackles the unfortunately still-relevant matter of racism, specifically against the Asian-American community. It inspires conversations about the immigrant experience, popularity, people pleasing, and how we’ve been conditioned to react to the “cool guy.”

Jane Igharo is the author of The Sweetest Remedy and Ties That Tether, as well as the forthcoming Worth Having (out September 2022). Follow her on Instagram (@jane_igharo) and Twitter (@VictoriousJane).

Lit Wallflowers Logo
Lit Wallflowers: New to Us – Brazen Temptress with @plottrysts

New-to-Us November ends with “Brazen Temptress” and Elizabeth Boyle fans, Laine and Meg of Plottrysts!

To save her crew from the gallows, captain Maureen Hawthorne made a deal for freedom by finding the infamous American privateer and pirate De Ryes, someone she was married to.

De Ryes cleans up well and is unrecognizable as aristocrat Julien d’Artiers, but he’s the same man Maureen blames for her father’s death. She’s ready to turn him in when she see each other at a ball, however the spark between them is still there and her mission takes longer than expected.

Julien does not want to lose the wife he though died a long time ago. The longer Maureen takes to turn over her husband, the more secrets are revealed caused by an old grudge against her father. If you love a bonkers book that is full of traitors, then join us as we discuss “Brazen Temptress” with Laine and Meg of @plottrysts!

Click here for where to listen.

You Might Be Wondering How We Got Here
You Might be Wondering How We Got Here: SWAT Season 2 Ep. 2 – 2020 Q1: Cash

We’re back with the first arc of Season 2! For this arc, we are going to be playing a minigame as our heroes traverse the wild and crazy year that is 2020. Cash and Julie deal with their Full House situation they’ve got going on. Then Cash begins on his quest to connect back to the spirit realm.,.

Click here for where to listen.


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