Weekend Podcast Guide: Frindle, Girl Scout Cookies and More!

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 449. PB & Mayo Sandwiches (and Girl Scout Cookies) With Amanda and Sarah

As a follow up to last week’s podcast, I share the broadcast of Amanda and I making peanut butter and mayo sandwiches, inspired by folks who have shared strong opinions.

Yes, we eat PB and Mayo sandwiches. Live on air. I’m sorry.

But we also talk a LOT about cookies so if you’re hungry, maybe have snacks before you press play?

The Lesbian Ship is Intense
This Lesbian Ship is Intense: Druck: Kieu My Redemption Tour

In our recap of episodes 5 and 6 we discuss how Kieu My decides she wants make amends with Fatou but just doesn’t know how. Then the pair take a leap and universes collide. We also have it out with Fatou’s teacher.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: March 12, 2021

By request, more self-publishing talk today on what parts to outsource, cover designers, what you can expect to pay in total, how many copies you need to sell to earn back your investment, and the time vs money equation.

First Cup of Coffee – March 15, 2021: I’m talking today about the Go-Go’s and the misogyny we faced in the 80s. Also why I don’t reply to comments on Podbean, why Stacey Dash is an outside cat now, free speech, guns, and Wyoming.

First Cup of Coffee – March 16, 2021:The irony of Gen X being called on to corral the Millennials and Gen Z on so-called “cancel culture” when they’re doing what we raised them to do. Also, the best metrics to measure the success of a book vs. those misleading attention sparklies.

First Cup of Coffee – March 17, 2021:A special St Patrick’s Day podcast today, with thoughts on why the holiday matters in light of the Irish diaspora. Also a bit about knife-throwing, how it relates to success, and why outlining can be a displacement activity.

First Cup of Coffee – March 18, 2021:Why I feel comfortable being a strong anti-outline voice and more on how schools program us to believe there is a correct way of doing things, and an amusing (now) moment this morning putting on a pair of jeans.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 294 – Reviews: Layla Reyne, Adriana Herrera, Eden Finley & Saxon James, Lawrence I. Hill

Jeff reviews Layla Reyne’s “Queen’s Ransom” as well as Eden Finley & Saxon James’s “Power Plays & Straight A’s.” Will reviews “Caught Looking” by Adriana Herrera and “Deja Vu” by Lawrence I. Hill. The guys also talk about the HBO Max series “It’s a Sin” and “Generation.”

Episode 295 – Reviews: Annabeth Albert, Garrett Leigh, Ava March, Eden Blake, JC Calciano-Jeff looks at the first two books in the “Vino & Veritas” series, “Featherbed” by Annabeth Albert and “Heartscape” by Garrett Leigh. He also talks about the romantic comedy “Revenge of the Brobot” by JC Calciano. Will has three historical novellas with Ava March’s “Object of His Desire” and “Pleasures of Somerville Park,” plus Eden Blake’s “One Good Lord Deserves Another.”

What Would Danbury Do?
What Would Danbury Do?: 24. They Dote and Swoon and Fawn…

This episode (1×03 – The Art of the Swoon), we find out just how many masturbation jokes the writers can squeeze into one script as Daphne learns important things about her body, courtesy of a very informative conversation with Simon. Also everyone ends up heartbroken at the end. It’s The Art of the Swoon, and we’re all in need of a fainting couch.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 137: Frindle (with Daman + Khyati from Brown Girls Read)

On Episode 137, Frindle by Andrew Clements takes the stage! Frindle chronicles the adventures of a fifth-grader named Nick Allen who turns his community upside down when he decides to start using the word “frindle” to describe pens. On this episode, Alli shares why this book is so close to her heart and talks with her guests about troublemakers, cultural differences in the classroom, double standards, strict teachers, the power of a villain, and more.

Daman and Khyati are the hosts of Brown Girls Read. On every episode, they discuss the books they’re reading, as well as their culture. Follow them on Instagram (@browngirlsreadpod | @browngirlshappyhour).


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