Weekend Podcast Guide: Lifetime Movies and More

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 452. Historical Pandemics and Ye Olde Social Media with Anna Lee Huber

The latest book in Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby series is out, and she’s my guest this week to talk all about it. If you haven’t read this book yet, there are no spoilers, so fear not! And if you haven’t read the series, this might tempt you to try it (it’s great) because we’re going to talk about history. A Wicked Conceit has several relevant parallels to life right now. History totally went through the mimeograph machine on this one – remember those?

Please note: during our conversation we talk briefly about Lady Darby’s first marriage, which was abusive, and about trauma response and memory, but we don’t go into specifics.

Too Stupid To Live
Too Stupid to Live: TSTL Presents We (Kind Of) Didn’t Read the Book! V.C. Andrews’ Ruby

After first appearing on TSTL to review the book, Connie Shin returns to the show to discuss the Lifetime movie adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ RUBY!

my imaginary friends
My Imaginary Friends: Muse vs. Business
On balancing the competing needs of the artist.

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: April 2, 2021

Finally, the story of how we ended up in Santa Fe! Mostly because I have no brains left, now that the revision of The Sorceress Queen and the Pirate Rogue is 25 pages from done. Yes, I know I forgot about the earrings.

First Cup of Coffee – April 6, 2021: I’m back from our mini-break and I’m revealing the cover for THE SORCERESS QUEEN AND THE PIRATE ROGUE! (https://jeffekennedy.com/the-sorceress-queen-and-the-pirate-rogue). Thoughts on re-acclimatizing post-COVID and a bit of cat wrangling.

First Cup of Coffee – April 7, 2021: Some thoughts today on email, how to achieve – and maintain! – inbox zero, along with the stress-relief that brings. Also how I manage work/life balance that way, including organizational tips.
Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 300 – Arranged Marriage in Space with Everina Maxwell

Jeff talks with debut author Everina Maxwell about her sci-fi adventure romance “Winter’s Orbit.” They discuss Everina’s inspiration for Prince Kiem and Count Jainan as well as how Everina balanced the romance, sci-fi, and suspense elements. She also talks about the story’s earlier incarnation on Archive of Their Own, what got her started as a writer, and what’s still to come. Everina also has a book recommendation. Jeff & Will also celebrate the show’s 300th episode, and talk about “The Great Pottery Throwdown.”

Episode 301 – Robbie Couch Mixes Rom-Com and Mystery for “The Sky Blues”Robbie Couch talks with Jeff about his debut young adult novel, “The Sky Blues.” Robbie shares the inspiration for main character Sky, Sky’s friends, and the fictional Michigan town where this rom-com / mystery story takes places. We also find out Robbie’s author origin story, what’s coming next, and there’s also a book recommendation. Jeff & Will also discuss their 100 Day Projects and some dance programs they’ve watched recently.
Romance Class Podcast
#Romanceclass: Fanfic
Join romance authors Mina V. Esguerra, Celestine Trinidad, Chris Mariano, Chi Yu Rodriguez and Carla de Guzman as they chat about fanfic.
SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 140: The Long Winter (with Lauren Tarshis)

On Episode 140 of SSR, Alli and her guest circle back to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairies series, this time for a discussion about the sixth installment, The Long Winter. This Newbery Honor winner tells the story of a particularly punishing winter season for the Ingalls family and feels oddly relatable to pandemic life in 2020 and 2021. Tune in for a frank conversation about the racist underpinnings of the Little House series and a closer exploration of The Long Winter, specifically.

Lauren Tarshis is the New York Times bestselling author of the I Survived series, which has over 34 million copies in print. The latest installment — I Survived: The Nazi Invasion, 1944 — is now available for purchase. Follow Lauren on Instagram (@laurentarshis) and Twitter (@laurenTarshis).


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