Why Hallmark Wins Christmas Every Year


Some might say it’s the Christmas movies that draw millions of viewers every weekend, but I think it’s something a bit extra. I’ll be the first person to admit having the Hallmark Channel on 24/7 starting Thanksgiving weekend, it’s not even a tradition to me, it’s a lifestyle. And I guarantee that most Hallmark addicts would say the exact same thing. It’s not like I’m at home actively watching twenty straight hours of movies (after all any Hallmark pro knows they don’t start until noon, ahem). So why do I have it on all day long? Even the ones I’ve seen a million times (we get it, the prince falls for her after one week because she’s different, moving on….). 

I truly think it’s something deeper than the original content. 

Hallmark wins every year because it brings us back to the basics. It reminds us of the tiny details not the big picture. 

Most characters are going through “life changing” situations and are brought to their knees by gingerbread, or small town Christmas’s.  Hallmark has done what most networks have failed to do and that’s by making Christmas relatable to us in a way that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Suddenly it’s not about the shopping or the stressful holiday dinner with the in-laws and copious amounts of wine, it’s about a baking contest, or the widowed King. It’s reality that dips into a whole lot of fantasy. 

There’s a reason my husband walks by, rolls his eyes, walks by again, rolls his eyes again, hits record, then ends up sitting on the couch and watching the entire movie only to be sucked into the next one. 

Our toddler can run around while it’s on all day and I don’t have to worry about him learning words that he’s going to shout out at pre-school. 

Yes, it’s repetitive, yes we all know it’s going to be fine in the end, but with the current state of the world, I think thats exactly what we need right now. A happy ending.  Warm cookies. Singing around the table, and yes the Christmas tree lighting that brings everyone together. This is a season of hope and with that, Hallmark reminds us in spectacular fashion, that everything will eventually turn out okay. 

Though, panic does ensue when I suddenly realize that I can’t check my app and double check to make sure I’ve seen every one of the original movies, take heart, Hallmark succeeds because its the one thing you can rely on every year! The gift that keeps on giving, kind of like Starbucks but for the most part if you have TV, free. 

So, what do you do now that the Holidays are coming to a close and you can’t turn on your TV and watch the ultimate Christmas tree decorating championship? Or Candace Cameron Bure in all her glory starring in a billion films with different hair styles and occupations?  

Take heart fellow watcher, thats what’s so special about Hallmark to begin with, it’s not every day, only once a year making it just that much more special when it comes around again. 

Though if you’re like me and can’t escape the sappy love stories they’re known for, they are apparently kicking it up a notch this year for Valentines Day, and if you haven’t yet jumped into the world of Romance Novels, now would probably be a good time to get addicted. Romance novels are Hallmark on steroids and once you start, you won’t be able to stop, trust me, I’m a romance author, I know things. 

If you still need to catch up, below is a checklist of movies premiering in the next few days a long with the titles of ones already shown. Get your  egg nog, spike it with something strong, and strap yourself in. The countdown is on! 


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