6 Bookish Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day


It’s hard to believe that the best of all holidays is just around the corner. That’s right, it’s almost time for Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day (inspired by Leslie Knope played by Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation) takes place every February 13th as a date to celebrate female friendship. Traditionally, this sacred day includes brunch (with plenty of mimosas) and/or a day-in or out and about with friends. This year, getting together to celebrate with your besties in person may not be an option for everyone but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate a bookish Galentines day from afar! If you are looking for a way to celebrate Galentine’s day with your bookish best friends while staying safe and maintaining social distancing here are some suggestions for you!

Buddy Read a Romance with your Galentine

One of my favorite things to do with friends, especially friends who do not live close by, is to buddy read a book with them. Buddy reads are great ways to stay in touch and share a similar experience while socially distant. And, while I love book clubs, there is also less pressure in taking part in a one-time buddy read than a recurring book club. So, choose a book that you have both been dying to read and read it for Galentine’s Day! Live texting meme reactions as you get to the good parts is highly encouraged. 

Set up a remote brunch date with your Galentine

What better way to debrief your buddy read than over brunch? Brunch is a Galentine’s Day must although this year it may look a little different.  While not quite the same as getting together in person, organizing a virtual Brunch over Zoom can actually be a lot of fun. If you have a favorite go-to brunch recipe (Blueberry pancakes anyone?) you can send it around and turn it into a cook-along brunch. Alternatively, you can order breakfast from your favorite restaurant and yes, take out for breakfast is valid, so raise your mimosas for a virtual Galentine’s Day Brunch. 

Virtual Romcom Movie Night

Whether you’re a fan of the classics (You Got Mail will always be my favorite) or the recent hits (Always be my Maybe is a must!) Romcoms are a Galentine’s Day staple. While in-person movie nights may be on hold for now, sites like Teleparty make it easier to watch your favorite show or movie with your friends and family virtually. Many platforms include features like chat rooms and the ability to pause the movie simultaneously, because if you are not stopping a romcom every once in a while for a good squee session are you even watching a romcom? So, grab some popcorn and a drink and settle in for movie night with your bookish besties!

Send your Galentine a Bookish Gift in the Mail

Getting paper Valentines from your classmates in your cubby was an absolute highlight of my 90’s childhood school days and I see no reason for that wonderful tradition to stop as an adult albeit in a socially distant way this year. Send your Galentine a bookish Valentine through the mail! Books, of course, make a great gift, but there are plenty of bookish Galentine gifts that your fellow readers would enjoy like book sleeves, bookmarks or a cute pair of bookish socks of candles to let your Galentine know you’re thinking of them! 

Create a Custom List for your Galentine

While we all love receiving goodies in the mail there are also more low-key options to send your bookish Galentine. Create a curated list of book recommendations for your Galentine. Put together a playlist of music to read to or a playlist inspired by their favorite book. Write out your favorite quotes from their favorite movie or simply list the ways that your Galentine is an amazing friend. Creating a list whether it’s books, quotes or songs is a unique and thoughtful way to let your Galentine know that you are thinking of them! 

Be your own Galentine and treat yourself! 

I am a firm believer that you should definitely be your own Galentine first and foremost so treating yourself to a Galentine’s Day gift or activity is definitely a great way to spend Galentine’s Day too. So, watch that Romcom, have that mimosa, get that book you’ve been wanting to read or just treat yourself to an afternoon of reading time. Going solo doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Galentine’s Day too! 

Galentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays of the year and a great opportunity to celebrate the friendships that lift us up. Although nothing quite beats hanging out with your besties in person, there is no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate friends from afar as well. While we wait for safer times when we can all raise our mimosas together again (to next year in person!), we can still let our bookish besties know how much we appreciate them with this Galentine’s Day by being social and distant. What are some ways that you are celebrating Galentine’s Day this year? 


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