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Have you had a conversation with someone about what House they were in? Do you remember what that House was called? Do you know someone who celebrates the first day of school September 1st, even though they might not be in school (or have children in school?) Do they randomly excited when you hand them socks? If you answered yes to any of these questions,  you know a Harry Potter fan. Shopping for us should be easy, but in case you need some help, here are a few different Harry Potter gift ideas!

Hedwig Hoodie-$38.29

A soft, half zipper sweater is a must-have for any bookworm– it keeps us warm and comfortable when we escape into our books. Is also has pockets, which is always exciting!

An Elegant Hogwarts Silhouette Ceramic Traveling Mug-$17.98

No matter how the receiver goes to work, by car, train, bike, floo powder or even through the Ministry of Magic toilet system, this is one of those sneaky geek gifts that any Potter fan will love! 

Harry Potter Tattoo Wallet-$39.00

Do any of your friends have any Harry Potter tattoos? Or maybe you have someone on your list who needs a little nudge to get a little more organized. Why not this beautiful wallet? This is also a perfect gift for you Potter fans if you don’t know or remember what house they are in!

Harry Potter Mini Coloring Kit-$7.95

This would make a great stocking stuffer! It can slip into a purse, bag, or whatever you have and can be pulled out and colored when you need something to do. It comes with mini colored pencils and 30 illustrated cards ranging from scenes from the movies, House crests and other fan favorites! 

Hermione Funko Pop Figure-$8.63

Remember that time when Harry, Ron and Hermione made some Polyjuice potion–erm, when Hermione made Polyjuice potion for her squad? Remember when the hair she got was actually a cat hair? Now you can gift that moment to someone else, or get it for yourself! If you are buying this for a Potter fan and you haven’t read the books or seen the movies I 100% guarantee that if you do give this to a fan they will squeal with delight.

Dobby Socks-$7.99

I feel like these socks speak for themselves. 

Dobby Socks
Sorting Bath Bomb-$13.95

This is a wonderful two-in-one gift! Not only do you get a bath bomb, but you also get a pendant! Choose from one of the Houses, or a surprise House, which is perfect if you can’t remember what House the receiver belongs to.

The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the Wizarding World$16.19

This is the perfect gift for that crafty witch or wizard in your life! It has everything you need from House color tie-dye to instructions to make your very own Golden Snitch necklace! 

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes-$11.99

This is perfect for the Luna in your life! Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Voldemort’s wands make this set!  

Spell Book Kindle Case-$24.95

This is a beautiful kindle case for any eReader 180mm x 125mm in size. Not only does this come in purple, but also the House colors! It’s like opening your very own magical textbook! 

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