Contemporarily Ever After: Top Picks for the Week of Dec 30th


2019 is kicking off in a big way with an amazing roundup of adult contemporary romances releasing this week. While all these books are on my radar, I’ve already had a chance to read and fall in love with three of them. Here’s to a great new year!

The One You Fight For by Roni Loren – published January 1 by Sourcebooks Casablanca

Taryn Landry was there that awful night fourteen years ago when Long Acre changed from the name of a town to the title of a national tragedy. Everyone knows she lost her younger sister. No one knows it was her fault. Since then, psychology professor Taryn has dedicated her life’s work to preventing something like that from ever happening again. Falling in love was never part of the plan…

Shaw Miller has spent more than a decade dealing with the fallout of his brother’s horrific actions. After losing everything―his chance at Olympic gold, his family, almost his sanity―he’s changed his name, his look, and he’s finally starting a new life. As long as he keeps a low profile and his identity secret, everything will be okay, right?

When the world and everyone you know defines you by one catastrophic tragedy…

How do you find your happy ending?

 Why it’s a must-read: The One You Fight For by Roni Loren is the third, stand-alone book in her must-read series, The Ones Who Got Away, and it’s a heartfelt romance that tackles relevant, real-world issues with compassion and grace. Taryn and Shaw were both deeply affected by a tragic school shooting, and they are still dealing with the emotional wounds fourteen years later. They don’t expect to find solace and empathy in each other’s arms but they do, and they begin to heal while falling in love. This intelligently-written and poignant romance has a happy-ever-after that truly resonates. 

A Place Without You by Jewel E. Ann – published January 2

The Law of Henna and Bodhi: 
When love breaks, fall inward, fall together, and fall hard. Then let time pick up the pieces.

Everything feels temporary when you’ve experienced tragedy—until Henna Lane meets Bodhi at a music festival.

Young and spontaneous, they have a lust for seizing the moment, falling hard and fast.

When Bodhi is forced to leave without a goodbye, Henna thinks she’ll never get over him. But then she meets Mr. Malone, her sexy, new guidance counselor.

They are reckless.
They are forbidden.

When their secret is discovered, Henna has to choose between finishing school—banned from seeing Mr. Malone—or dropping out to follow her nomad dreams.

Henna chooses her dreams.

Over time, she learns that life is not a destination or a journey, some things are more than temporary, and the forbidden can never be ignored. But if she returns for him, will he still be hers?

A Place Without You is an emotional story of young love, shattered dreams, and impossible decisions. 

Why it’s a must-read: A Place Without You by Jewel E. Ann is a captivating, beautiful and emotional romance with two main characters that you cannot help but fall hard and fast for. From their first chance encounter at a music festival, Bodhi and Henna’s relationship feels both fated and doomed at the same time, and their story isn’t an easy or straightforward one. It’s passionate, real and compelling, and you will feel absolutely everything along the way and probably be thinking about Bodhi and Henna for days after reading it. 

The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister by Meghan Quinn – published January 3

How do you date your best friend’s sister? Easy. 

Step one: Pretend you want her to set you up with someone else. That will bring the two of you closer.

Step two: Go on date with lots of random women, proceed to get stupid drunk and talk about your best friend’s sister, thus gaining the courage to finally make a move.

Step three: Randomly show up at her apartment and confess your love. Women love that, right?

It all seemed so simple. A fool-proof three step process that will guarantee the love of you life to fall madly in love with you. 

At least–that’s what I thought was going to happen. But my attempts to win over Julia Westin backfired in more ways than I can count. The thing about Julia? She’s smart–really smart–and her wicked gaze cuts through all the charm I’ve tried slinging her way. She’s not interested in games, my gifts, or my stories. She might want me too; but she’s not giving in that easy… 

Why it’s a must-read: Meghan Quinn delivers rom-com perfection with The Secret to Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister. This hilarious, swoon-worthy romance has endearing characters and a fun storyline with page after page of snappy banter and sizzling sexual tension, and you’ll smile, laugh and sigh in equal turns. It’s a fresh, sexy spin on the brother’s best friend trope that is thoroughly entertaining from the beginning to the end

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