Contemporarily Ever After: Top Picks for the Week of February 24th


There are so many amazing contemporary romances releasing this week that I’ve been overwhelmed trying to read them all. I seriously want to read them all! I’ve tried to accept that there’s just no way to fit them all in, but it’s been hard to admit defeat. The only consolation to my book worm woes is that I have the opportunity to tell you all about them. Enjoy!

Indicates the books that I have read and recommend.

Think Twice by Stephanie Rose (Feb. 22)

Think Twice is refreshing and unique in that there are two couples, two romances and two happily ever afters in one book. Jack is a firefighter, who was severely injured on the job and is now struggling with his physical and emotional recovery, and he finds himself extremely attracted to his physical therapist, Danielle, who he knew when he was young. Jack’s sister, PJ, has always had a crush on her brother’s best friend, Dylan, but never believed he could feel the same about her, until things begin to shift the summer before she leaves for college. Stephanie Rose seamlessly weaves four points-of-view with two storylines and delivers a well-paced, entertaining and heartfelt romance.

Covet by Ella James (Feb. 24)


I’ve been anxiously awaiting Covet since it was first announced, and I’m not even totally sure what the story is about. What I do know is that it’s written by the exceptionally talented Ella James and features a professional baseball player, a remote island, intense emotion, angst and scorching hot chemistry. I’m starting this the minute that I finish writing this post!

When August Ends by Penelope Ward (Feb. 24)  

I love Penelope Ward and age-gap romances, so it’s no surprise that I adore When August Ends. Heather is 20-years old and has put her college plans on hold in order to stay home and help her mother, who battles depression. She rents out the boathouse on their lakefront property, and this summer’s tenant is a sexy and alluring older man, Noah. They have instant chemistry and an effortless dynamic, and Heather makes it clear that she wants more than friendship. But Noah is adamant that they not get involved romantically, considering how much younger Heather is. Nice try, Noah, nice try. Heather is mature beyond her years, sassy and intensely likeable, so he doesn’t stand a chance. But both of them soon discover that their age difference isn’t the only potential roadblock to happily ever after. When August Ends is an insightful, funny and sensual romance, and you’ll want savor every word because you simply don’t want it to end – just like summer.

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow (Feb. 24)

I’m absolutely smitten with everything about this sexy, sweet and witty single-dad, small-town romance. Mack is divorced and a former Marine trying to juggle civilian life, three adorable daughters and work. He doesn’t think he has the time or capacity for a relationship and definitely not with his boss’s daughter, Frannie, who has led a sheltered life and is ten years younger than him. When Frannie begins babysitting his girls regularly and they spend more time together, the attraction between them becomes undeniable, but Mack doesn’t know what to do with himself. It’s absolutely adorable and downright swoon-worthy to witness him falling head over heels for her. I had the pleasure of chatting with Melanie about Irresistible here on Frolic.

The Legend by Dylan Allen (Feb. 25)

The Legend is Dylan Allen’s second, standalone book in the Rivers Wilde series, and it’s a riveting, sexy, raw and powerful love story. Remington and Kalilah met as teenagers and then fell deeply in love one beautiful summer. Their lives take them in different directions but their feelings never wane, and the strength of their love is an unrelenting pull across the years. When they have a chance again, explosive secrets are revealed that could destroy them, but this couple will fight their way to happily ever after with strength, grit and determination. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with your eyes glues to the page as you go through every twist, turn and breathtakingly romantic moment of The Legend, and you’ll walk away feeling as though you just experienced an unforgettable, epic love story.

And I’d I be remiss not to mention that Remington Wilde might be one of the sexiest, swooniest, most captivating alpha-heroes ever. Prepare yourself to fall hard for him, but I’m calling dibs.

Beautifully Broken Pieces by Catherine Cowles (Feb. 25)

I loved Catherine Cowles’ debut romance, Further to Fall, so I was crazy excited to get my hands on Beautifully Broken Pieces, and I am thrilled to share that it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s a tender, steamy and poignant love story with a healthy dose of cleverly-plotted mystery and suspense that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Taylor has just lost her mom when she decides to move to Sutter Lake after vacationing there with her friends. She’s heartbroken and deep in the throes of grief when she meets the town’s sexy and likeable deputy police chief, Walker. He’s also loved and lost someone dear to him and bears the emotional wounds, which makes it easy for him to relate to Taylor and understand what she’s going through. He pursues her with patience and understanding, and he’ll be on many book boyfriend lists this year. I can’t wait to read more from Catherine Cowles.

Hollywood Princess by Natasha Madison (Feb. 26)

The second, standalone book in Natasha Madison’s Hollywood Royalty series is a fun and sexy bodyguard romance that will leave you smiling. Kellie and Brian are forced into a working relationship when he’s hired to guard her 24 hours, 7 days a week while she’s on a multi-city music tour. She was attracted to him when they met previously, and she feels like he rejected her then. Brian is drawn to her and always has been, but he’s serious about his job and doesn’t want to do anything that might affect his ability to protect her. They may bicker as the tour begins, but the sexual tension is soon so thick that you could cut it with a knife. *fans self*

Sweet Liar (Dirty Sweet #1) by Laurelin Paige (Feb. 26). Not a standalone.

Laurelin Paige pulls out all the stops with this wickedly sexy age-gap romance. Dylan is mesmerized by Audrey when they first meet, but he dismisses his attraction, believing he’s much too old and experienced for her. She doesn’t agree and tries to put the moves on him, and her exuberance is both honest and endearing. They develop a solid friendship, and she persuades him to give her lessons in the bedroom before he returns to his home in London. Both are surprised at how quickly they develop feelings, and it’s obvious neither will forget the other even though they’ll be ocean’s apart. We’ll find out what happens next when the conclusion, Sweet Fate, releases on March 26.

Tumble by Adriana Locke (Feb. 26)

Adriana Locke’s Tumble is the first book in her new Dogwood Lane series, and it has all the Southern, small-town charm you’d expect from her. Neely and Dane were deeply in love when he broke her heart, and she hasn’t spoken with him since. Now, she’s jobless and back in Dogwood Lane for a spell and facing Dane and their painful past, and it’s quickly apparent that they’re very much still in love. They slowly take steps to heal the past and reunite but old fears threaten their tentative happiness, and you’ll feel everything along the way. I loved every minute of this sexy and sigh-worthy second-chance romance.

Love and Chaos (Chaos #3) by S.M. Soto (Feb. 28) Not a standalone.


The final book in the addictive Chaos trilogy is here, and I’ve been waiting to find out how this dark, twisty and explosive tale will end. If you haven’t read the prior two books, Deception and Chaos and Blood and Chaos, get ready for an epic binge-read.

Baking with a Rock Star by Jasmin Miller (Feb. 28)


Jasmin Miller’s debut Baking with a Rock Star looks like it’s going to have the ideal blend of feel-good entertainment and emotional romance, and I’ll be reading it as soon as possible. It’s about a single mom, who moves to a small town and finds herself roommates with a sexy rock star. I’m excited to check out this new author!

The Girl in the Painting by Max Monroe (Feb. 28)


The Girl in the Painting looks like it is going to be absolutely unputdownable, and I cannot wait to start it. A broody painter has lost his sight but can still see his muse – a woman he doesn’t know or doesn’t remember. They’re drawn to one another, but she’s a mystery. I predict their love story will be poignant, emotional and sometimes difficult but very, very satisfying.

Boss by Katy Evans (Mar. 1)


This quick, sexy and romantic read by the uber-talent Katy Evans is an enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance that hits all the right spots. Alexandra’s unexpectedly has a new boss, Kit, who’s never had a real job and is known as an international playboy. She’s worried her career is about to be derailed but also fiercely attracted to him, and the sparks fly every time these two are in the same room. They grapple for control as the sexual tension mounts and snaps, and they come together in a fan-yourself-worthy union.

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