Creator Cibeles Dream Casts Ellin’s Solhwa

Ellin's Solhwa

[Note from Frolic: We are so beyond excited to have Ellin’s Solhwa creator Cibeles guest post on the site today. If you haven’t read Ellin’s Solhwa yet, you can check out the series trailer here!]

Before I got my start as a webtoon creator, I worked part-time jobs just like the Ellin. Sometimes I’d be really dizzy and sick after work and I had the thought that it’d be so unfair if I died right then and there. So, like a good daydreamer, I imagined life in another world. I’ve always loved the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history with Zhuge Liang and… I thought it might be amazing to meet someone like him and maybe even date him…? All of which is how Ellin’s Solhwa got its start!

Ellin Solhwa
Ellin/Solhwa: Shin Se-kyung, Kim Tae-ri and Zhu Xudan

Whoever plays Solhwa/Ellin has to match Solhwa’s personality when she goes from playful to serious.

Ellin's Solhwa: Kaha
Kiha: Rowoon, Park Hae-jin, and Song Wei Long

I’ve always imagined Kiha as someone very tall with intelligent eyes

Ellin's Solhwa: Jin
Jin: Park Hyung-sik, Lee Hyun-woo and Nam Joo-hyuk

Definitely someone who can play innocent.

Ellin's Solhwa: King
The King: Jang Ki-yong, Woo Do-hwan

The king’s expressions are always so aloof which I think these two actors can handle really well.

Ellin's Solhwa: Dana
Dana: Choi Sung-Eun, Aoi Yuu

For Dana, I imagine someone who comes off as very sweet and elegant.

Be sure to check out Ellin’s Solhwa and follow the creator Cibeles on Instagram @cibeles_art.


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