Merry Bookmas: A Bookstagrammer’s Top Gift Ideas

Merry Bookmas: A bookstagrammer's top Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, the vast majority of us are more than likely gearing up to embark on our annual holiday shopping adventures; braving overcrowded malls and racking our brains in an effort to come up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas for each member of our family and friendship circles. We may have managed to find a dorky novelty mug we’re willing to exchange in the work Secret Santa and stumbled across a pair of obnoxiously colorful socks that’d be perfect for Uncle Dave, but in the way of serious gift buying, it’s easy to become a little stumped —especially when one is faced with the daunting task of shopping for a bookworm who already appears to own three quarters of the State Library’s literary catalogue!

Whilst, at first glance, this may seem like the perfect predicament to send you into a state of festive despair, there are a few bookish Christmas gift ideas I’ve discovered over the years that might just save your turkey (ha, get it? Turkey…instead of bacon. See what I did there? No? okay, carry on) and impress that special bookworm in your life. Spoiler alert: as ludicrous as this may sound, not a single one of the gift suggestions I’m about to mention encourages the buying of an actual book. If that’s what you’re after, I’m afraid I’m about to severely disappoint you.

See, in my opinion, book buying for a bookworm is MUCH too difficult. How on earth are you supposed to know what they have and haven’t read? I suppose you could ask, but that’ll only ruin the surprise. And heaven forbid someone else buy them a copy of the same book you picked out—I mean, talk about stealing the thunder! As such, we shall instead resort to doing what is always easiest when facing any sort of problem in life and endeavor to go to whatever extent is necessary to simply avoid it! Sound good? Alright! Well then, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to the highly anticipated non-book bookish list of bookworm gift ideas (have I done your head in yet?).

Scratch Off Book Bucket List Poster by Gift Republic

Okay, this fine invention has been on my radar for a while. Ideal for those who enjoy keeping track of their reading, the book bucket list features 100 must-read books printed side by side as small rectangular icons on one aesthetically pleasing poster. As you read your way through the plethora of iconic novels (ranging from classics to contemporary fiction), you’re able to track your progress and scratch off the corresponding bookish icon, revealing the stunning cover artwork underneath! Practical, useful and interactive, the scratch off book bucket list poster serves not only as a great incentive to get out of a reading slump, but also as intriguing wall décor that can be displayed and cherished as a keepsake for years to come. Worth looking into if you ask me!

Book Sleeves by Book Beau

If you happen to frequent the bookstagram community, or enjoy scrolling through the bookish depths of Etsy, you’ll most likely have already stumbled across the odd book sleeve or two. For those unfamiliar, a book sleeve is exactly what the name indicates: a sleeve designed specifically to slip over your book and protect its precious pages. Gone are the days of worrying about tattered corners or scratched front covers, the book sleeve will shield your book from damage as you carry it around on your daily commute to school, work and anywhere else in between. Available in a range of different sizes, fabrics and cute patterns, the book sleeve is a must have for any bookworm who takes pride in ensuring their darling novels are kept in mint condition at all times!


A refreshingly unique bookish product I’ve discovered in recent times is the one and only Litograph. A fascinating name for an even more fascinating product, Litographs feature words taken from the pages of contemporary or classic books, screenplays or poems that are transformed into gorgeous designs and ingeniously printed on an eclectic range of posters, t-shirts, tote bags, scarves, pillows and blankets. Super practical and available in a large collection of style options, Litographs promise to be a real conversation starter and great gift option for those bibliophiles in your life who seem to have it all!

Audio Books from

If you’re looking to venture away from classic book buying this Christmas, an audio book is a fabulous alternative that’ll provide hours of literary entertainment. Why not hunt down your lucky gift recipient’s favourite book series and purchase them the audio collection as a CD or digital download? They’ll be able to listen to the stories they love whilst driving, working out or as a soothing treat before bed. Highly versatile and perfect for lengthy road trips or plane rides over the holiday season, an audio book might just be the bookish gift you’re looking for! Click here to get 3 audio books for the price of one with!

Personal Library Kit by Knock Knock

Do you know a bookworm who is willing to lend books to family and friends but hates it when their precious novel is never returned to its rightful owner? Well, the personal library kit might be exactly the gift they need. Bringing back the traditional library circulation system, the kit comes equipped with its very own self-adhesive checkout cards and pockets along with a handy pencil, ink pad and date stamp to allow bookaholics far and wide to keep track of their all-important bookish loans and returns. A fun and functional gift, the personal library kit makes a wonderful addition to any home library! What’s not to love?

Alright, I think that wraps up my bookish gift buying suggestions for now. Hopefully this guide has provided you with some useful gift ideas that’ll take some of the pressure off your holiday shopping duties. I hope everyone has made it onto Santa’s nice list this year and has a great festive season! Merry Bookmas and Season Readings!

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