My Favorite May-December Romances


Let’s mix things up a bit, shall we? Usually the attractive, sweet, but spunky heroine and the often easily agitated hero are roughly the same age— give or take a few years. But in May-December romances there’s a bigger gap, say maybe ten or more years. Yikes! But who’s to say at what age, anyone may have a chance encounter with the future love of her life? Read below to find books where age differences don’t prevent these daring duos from moving foreword in their quests for their own happily -ever- after.

May December Souls by Marissa Monteilh

Mariah Pijeaux has been dating charismatic and ex-professional basketball player, Kareem Washington. Although, this single mother of three feels unsatisfied in her current relationship with the egotistical Kareem Washington, she unable to find a way out, that is until, she meets twenty one years old Malik Tolliver. On the brink of turning forty, Mariah has to decide if her age will prevent her from having the relationship her heart has always desired.

Electric Blue Love by Rebecca Jenshak

Quiet, unassuming Bianca is on a plane, returning to her Connecticut college, and reading a magazine article on how to get a male friend to become a boyfriend. Court, the older, much more sophisticated passenger sitting next to her, notices the article she’s reading and figures that he should be a gentleman and help her out. Together, they discover surprising aspects of their selves as they explore the meaning of the mentor-student relationship that has morphed into so much more.

Before I Ever Met You by Karina Halle

Jackie and Will McAlister have met before, when she was very young and he worked with her father, but now they are both mature adults. Jackie, now divorced, returns home to Vancouver, as a single parent. She begins working at her father’s company as the Assistant to his business partner, who’s none other than the very handsome, Will. Despite their significant age difference, the sparks fly and the two must decide if they will act on their sizzling attraction or keep their relationship strictly business.

Still Life With Crumbs by Anna Quindlen

Photographer, Rebecca Winter is at a crossroads in her life as she struggles to tackle the challenges of balancing her dwindling finances and a once highly successful career that has taken a downward turn. Needing a change of scenery and time to reflect on her past and future, she leaves the city for the quiet of a small town. But after meeting the much younger roofer, Jim Bates, new and totally unexpected possibilities emerge. They must each decide if they will explore the feelings they have for one another, despite their age differences.

May—December romances focus on main characters that decide to charter the unfamiliar course of getting close to someone who doesn’t fit society’s expectations. They make us look at ourselves and wonder, would we be willing to disregard convention and pursue our hearts desire. After all, falling in love always involves risk of one kind or another. 

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