P.S. I Still Love You Ignited My Giddy Teenage Soul

p.s. i still love you

P.S. I Still Love You is one of those movies that will make you fall in love with the pure notion of being in love. This movie took me back to the thrill of experiencing love and all the exhilarating and earth-shattering moments of being truly in love for the first time. This is a movie about experiencing your “firsts” and how there is truly nothing like your first time! Here are the six reasons why this is the first rom-com that ignited my giddy teenage-girl soul and how it can possibly make you believe again in the all-consuming notion of love again.

ps i still love you
1. The Crystals!

Who can resist the opening credits of Lara Jean dancing around her room singing to Then He Kissed Me before her big date with the guy she once fantasized about?! I know I did things like this only I sang this song to my Jonathan Brandis Teen Beat poster (RIP). But the feeling of finally going on your first real date with your first real boyfriend is a moment you truly never forget and it is worthy of dancing around your room over!

2. The wise little sister

Kitty who is Lara Jean’s sister can spout much more wisdom than most adults these days. I had an annoying little brother and for being seven years younger than me he had more insight about my boyfriends than I ever had!

PS I Still Love You
3. The Love Triangle!

This exhibited a truly tumultuous love triangle! In most love triangles the answer is usually obvious but this time if I was Lara Jean I wouldn’t know who to pick at first. Both guys literally had charm oozing off of them and for a moment I felt truly manipulated. I was manipulated by Peter Kavinsky’s humor and puppy dog eyes and John Ambrose attentiveness and million dollar smile! The story perfectly communicates the struggle of a love triangle and how there is never an easy answer to which one will end up being the true love of your life.   

4. The heartbreak!

The heartbreak that is communicated in PS. I Still Love You perfectly displays how beautiful, maddening, and torturous love can be. The feeling of walking down the school hallway and walking by the guy that broke your heart is absolute torture. Heartbreak for me as a teen brought out bad love poems that I wrote with my jelly pens and it made me want to cry in my bed and listen to Cranberries and No Doubt all day. First heartbreak will make you passionately feel again even if it’s absolute sadness and this movie will teach you not to be scared of love. P.S. I Still Love You will make you realize that love has its unequivocal highs and lows and it has the power to break your heart and bring it back together again.

5. The sweaty palms!

Who hasn’t had the sweaty palms feeling of going on a first date with the one person you truly have a crush on?! How much wish fulfillment is it to go out on an actual date with the person of your dreams?! This delivers all the sweaty palms, sweetness, and some neat first date ideas such as making a wish on paper lanterns and releasing them into the starry night sky.

6. Lara Jean!

The movies/books wouldn’t have the success they have today without Lara Jean! Although Peter Kavinsky is a close second there is truly nothing like my girl Lara Jean! She has the impeccable dapper style of an old movie actress mixed with the sweetest eighties vintage-style like charm! The spirit of Lara Jean was inside me in high school only I unfortunately didn’t embody her fashion sense and my room wasn’t even an ounce of the coolness that her room personifies.  Instead of the cool little artistic postcards surrounding her lovely mint-colored flowery walls every ounce of my walls were decorated with Hanson and Dawson’s Creek posters. Lara Jean has the perfect blend of adorableness and coolness and she is just a genuine person you can see yourself being bff’s with forever.


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