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Nowadays, with the pressures of Goodreads yearly challenges, Twitter challenges, Booktube, book subscription boxes with shiny new spray-painted pages, and new anticipated monthly book lists announced on blogs it’s almost impossible to consider rereading books. One of the worst things is when you start to pick up the beloved book you have loved since you were a teenager, then you hear that your new favorite author is coming out with a new book, and to top it all off they are coming to your hometown for a book signing! There is so much pressure in the book world to read all the new releases coming up and if you’re not reading them then the book fomo starts to settle in…

We need to get rid of the book fomo and remind ourselves to reread books again! My goal is to reread my favorite books especially the ones that have the paperback spine falling apart with the yellowed pages. I already read one of my falling apart paperback books Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block and it brought me so much nostalgic joy!

Here are five reasons why you should consider rereading books again…


1. Rereading before the sequel

Rereading books before the highly anticipated sequel is always a good idea. Being an officially registered book nerd, it is difficult for me to remember all the details, events, and characters in every book that I have read. If you want to be prepared for the sequel then it’s highly recommended to reread the previous books. When reading a fantasy there is so much detail and world-building, that getting into the sequel could be difficult if you don’t reread the previous books. The best thing about rereading a book before the upcoming sequel is that it builds the anticipation for the upcoming book and what is better than fangirling over a new book being released?!

2. Rereading before the movie

This goes hand in hand with rereading a book before the upcoming book sequel. I am guilty of not rereading books before watching the movie and I tend to google the differences between the book and the movie. Next time, if I am excited about an upcoming movie adaptation I will definitely reread the book. Although the unfortunate truth is that all of us bookish folk know that nine times out of ten the book is usually better than the movie…

3. Rereading books brings back nostalgia

One of the most amazing feelings is to read a book and be brought back to the times that were so much simpler and carefree. I remember when I was reading one of my favorite Francesca Lia Block books I was brought back to a time when I was fourteen-years-old, baking in the sun with that horrible 90’s trend called the sun-in, and my biggest concern was which Hanson brother I would marry. Rereading books can make you realize how much you have grown up and the best part is that it brings back the warm and fuzzy nostalgia again.

4. Rereading books gets you out of the dreaded book slump

We all know that book slumps are the curse of the book world! Typically, I get into book slumps when I am reading books that are not holding my attention. One of my best book slump antidotes is to reread one of my favorite books and all is right with my bookish world again!

 5. They remind you why you love reading

Rereading your most treasured books makes you realize why you love reading in the first place. The reason why I reread books is because they are books that have made a profound impact in my life, have altered my life, given me a good laugh, or just simply made me smile so big my face hurt in the end. Rereading books is like an old best friend to remind you of how amazing they have always been. 

Chat with me and let me know if you have reread any books lately!


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