Which Pawnee Goddess Badge Would You Earn? A Parks and Rec Quiz

Your amazing troop leader Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec just sent out the most beautiful reminder that this weekend is the annual Pawnee Goddess Wilderness Weekend! Find out what badge you’ll earn after this weekend!

  • Question of

    Repeat After Me: I am…

    • A Goddess
    • A Glorious Female Warrior
    • Queen of all I Survey
    • A Champion of Fairness and Equality
    • I will do no such thing as “repeat after you.”
  • Question of

    Trying Your Best…

    • Counts
    • Is doing your best
    • Is worth the blood, sweat and tears
    • Means helping those who need it
    • Don’t “try,” just “do.”
  • Question of

    Purple is…

    • The color of royalty
    • The color of bravery
    • So pretty!
    • The color of warriors
    • Not a color I’m interested in
  • Question of

    I help others…

    • By making them feel their best
    • In any way I can
    • By including them
    • By teaching them new things
    • By leaving them alone
  • Question of

    The outdoors…

    • Are wonderful to look at from inside
    • Gives us a break from everyday life
    • Is where all the animals live!
    • Is a great place to bond with your friends
    • Provides the ultimate test for survival.
  • Question of

    Pick a movie genre.

    • Rom Com
    • Anything
    • Nature documentary
    • Whatever everyone else wants to watch
    • I’d rather read
  • Question of

    What’s for dinner?

    • A nice fresh salad with green goddess dressing!
    • I’ll whip some comfort food
    • Something vegetarian
    • Pizza
    • Steak, eggs, bacon, whiskey – got to cover all the food groups
  • Question of

    What did you make during loosely structured craft time?

    • Cornhusk dolls for everyone
    • A Gertrude Stein
    • Drawing on my arm of a pioneer girl watching her grandmother get trampled by a buffalo
    • Homemade Bulgogi for everyone
    • There is such things as loosely structured craft time, just time
  • Question of

    It’s also Treat Yo ’Self Day. What do you do?

    • A makeover
    • I try something new
    • Buy new things for my pets
    • Donate to charities
    • Sit in silence and eat beans


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