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I absolutely adore sci-fi stories, from aliens to secret laboratories. But though I love a good human genetic modification novel as much as anyone (I wrote one), my first love is time travel! I love imagining what life was like way back when, and what things will look like one hundred years into the future. Today, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite time travel books, movies and TV shows!

Book: The Taking by Kimberly Derting

The day that 16-year old Kyra won the biggest softball game of her life, she passed out behind a gas station and woke up five years in the future. Everyone in her life has moved on, but no time at all has passed for her. Against all odds, she finds herself developing feelings for her boyfriend’s younger brother, who is now the same age as her. Together, the two team up to discover: what happened to Kyra?

This book reminds me of one of my all-time favorite movies, Flight of the Navigator, which I talk more about below! This high-stakes time travel story has passion, mystery, romance and more. 

Book: The Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale

Pendragon was one of my favorite series as a kid. I couldn’t get enough of the adventures that Bobby and his friends had! In book three, pictured here, Bobby and his friends travel back to First Earth, which is a world taking place in the 1930s. Thre’s a delicious bit of historical speculation in this world, like what would have happened if the Hindenburg hadn’t come down. The other world that they visit in this book is Third Earth, which well into the future when compared to our own. There’s a ton of cool, futuristic technology in this one, but start at the beginning of the series!

Movie: Back to the Future Series

The most perfect time travel trilogy ever created! The first movie in this franchise follows Marty McFly as he accidentally transports himself back to the 1950s and breaks up his parents. The following movies take us to the far-off year of 2015 and the wild, wild west. I’m so in love with Marty McFly that it’s not even funny, and rewatch this trilogy regularly. 

Movie: Flight of the Navigator

Another 80s movie, because I’m obsessed! In this one, a young boy falls off a cliff in a forest, and when he wakes up, almost a decade has passed. His parents have moved away, his baby brother is older than him, and the government is determined to figure out why he hasn’t aged a day. A classic sci-fi that combines time travel, aliens and more!

Timeless Poster
Show: Timeless

Where do I even begin with Timeless? This was my favorite show for years. I instantly fell in love with the main characters as they chased a time-traveling terrorist through some of the most iconic moments in history. Our story begins when a time machine is stolen and a team is assembled to get it back: historian Lucy Preston, pilot Rufus Carlin and soldier Wyatt Logan. Together, these three travel through time with the help of some other amazing characters like super-smart Jiya, FBI Agent Denise Christoper and Connor Mason, who built the time machine.  This show is so full of love and adrenaline that I find myself wanting to watch it over and over again! Give Timeless a try, you won’t regret it!

With the power of time travel, anything is possible! Give these great reads and watches a try–you won’t regret it!

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