‘The Kiss Quotient’ Author Helen Hoang Picks Her Dream Cast

Kiss Quotient Dream Cast

[Note from Folic: We are so excited to welcome Helen Hoang to the site today! She is dream casting her popular novel The Kiss Quotient. Take it away Helen!]

Michael Larsen/Phan

Since I’m unfamiliar with any half Vietnamese actors, I’d be happy as long as Michael was played by any flavor of Asian man. It wouldn’t hurt if he were gorgeous like these men.

Daniel Henney

I think the majority of readers automatically envision DH as Michael since I made the comparison in the book, and I wouldn’t be sad if he played his own lookalike in a possible adaptation.

Simu Liu

Have you seen Kim’s Convenience yet? This show is hilarious and addicting. Simu’s facial expression when his boss flirts with him is A+.

Henry Golding

*heart eyes emojis for days*

Godfrey Gao

Michael doesn’t have a beard, but maybe he should?


Stella Lane

This didn’t occur to me when I was writing the book, but apparently, Stella’s ethnicity is open to interpretation. I see this as an opportunity. Her role is a bit unconventional, and I think it would take a talented actress to bring her to life.

Joe Chen

I always envision Stella looking like XinYi from the Taiwanese version of Fated to Love You, one of my favorite TV series ever.

Zoe Kravitz

She’s beautiful and nails all the roles she plays. Why not Stella?

Zoey Deutch

Her character in the Netflix movie Set It Up was adorable, and I can see her as Stella.

Victoria Justice

I think Victoria could rock a pair of sexy librarian glasses.

Quan Diep / Lewis Tan

I really think Lewis Tan is perfect for Quan’s role, even though Quan keeps his hair buzzed, and I already suggested Lewis for Michael’s role. Really, I wouldn’t mind if he played all the roles. He’s the complete package, you guys. And he responds to me on social media sometimes.

Now, for more fun. Frolic asked me a couple of questions about my vision of the future project.

What character would you personally want to play?

None of them! I like to leave the acting to the pros, which I am not. Furthermore, I don’t derive any pleasure from seeing myself in video form.

What scene would you die to see filmed?

I’d love to see the scene where Stella lays out her checklists / lesson plans for Michael to see. That was an extremely fun scene to write.

What would be the hardest scene to film?

I think the first dinner at Michael’s mom’s house would be challenging to film well. It was certainly difficult to write. I’d want to illustrate how hard Stella tries to fit in and make a good impression while she simultaneously fails spectacularly at it.

About the Author:

Helen Hoang is that shy person who never talks. Until she does. And the worst things fly out of her mouth. She read her first romance novel in eighth grade and has been addicted ever since…

Find her here: 

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  1. literally none of them are vietnamese and i don’t think any of these women would play an aspy as tastefully as many woul like

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