These Rom-Coms Perfectly Represent Your Zodiac for the 2019 Chinese New Year

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On February 4, the year of the Pig will begin, although Chinese New Year is on the 5th. In this 12-year cycle, this particular year of the Pig is the Brown Pig, associated with the element Earth. Combined with the element of Water that defines the Pig, there are ideas surrounding this coming year around what happens when Water and Earth combine — a mudslide in the worst sense. Yikes. But in the best sense, soil and H2O are what support almost all plant life, so think: flourishing growth and fertility. Find out your Chinese zodiac sign using your birth year.


Luxury and wealth always surround the Pig. They are hardworking and successful when they have their heads in the game, but they can be naive and let people take advantage of them.

Love matches: Dragons, Goats

Rom-Com Counterpart: Elle Woods, Legally Blonde


Incidentally, the next year of the Rat will be 2020. Clever and wily, Rats are actually known to be quite attractive and sensual. They’re a little narrow-minded and self-absorbed since they can get so focused on their own thing.

Love matches: Dragon, Ox, Monkey

Rom-Com Counterpart: Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


All those sayings are true — Ox are strong and stubborn. Dependable too. Yet ambitious and successful are also qualities associated with this humble animal. Not much of a talker though!

Love matches: Snake, Pig, Monkey

Rom-Com Counterpart: Bella Swan, Twilight Series


Courageous but flakey describes the finicky personality of a powerful Tiger. This sign has a lot of pizzazz, but can be irritable and competitive. A tiger tends to be a diva — or divo.

Love matches: Dog, Horse

Rom-Com Counterpart: Margaret Tate, The Proposal


Rabbits are quiet and patient and not nearly as jumpy as their real-life animal counterparts. This sign, known as being quite pretty, can also be set in their ways and sensitive when criticized.

Love matches: Goats, Pigs, Dogs

Rom-Com Counterpart: Diane, Say Anything


As you might imagine, dragons are hot-tempered and hot-headed. This impetuous, confident sign is also so vital and full of life, they tend to attract all kinds.

Love matches: Pig, Tiger, Snake

Rom-Com Counterpart: Vivian, Pretty Woman


A Snake sign reminds us a lot of a Scorpio in Western astrology. There is a mystery and seductiveness that this sign has along with wisdom and intuition. Not for the faint at heart!

Love matches: Rooster, Ox

Rom-Com Counterpart: Maeve Wiley, Sex Education


Those of this sign are known for their active lives, especially socially, and unending supply for energy for said active life. But that good-time gal or guy facade can hide a self-esteem problem.

Love matches: Tiger, Dog

Rom-Com Counterpart: Amy, Trainwreck


Like a Capricorn, whose symbol is a Goat, in the Chinese zodiac Goats are both gentle and strong. Goats can be quiet but when you get to know them are so, so charming (and a bit flighty).

Love matches: Rabbit, Pig

Rom-Com Counterpart: Annie, Bridesmaids


You’ll know a Monkey by the sound of appreciative laughter around them. This sign is witty, funny, creative and clever — sometimes too clever for their own good. For Monkeys, making mischief is everything.

Love matches: Dragon, Rat

Rom-Com Counterpart: Paula, Failure to Launch


A Rooster stands out in the crowd. This sign is full of life, talkative, flirty and known for being eye candy. But the problem is that they know it. Roosters can be a little too full of themselves.

Love matches: Snake, Ox

Rom-Com Counterpart: Samantha, Dear White People


Faithful and loyal, dogs are total softies even though they may not seem like it on the surface. They can come off as stubborn and negative, a bit of a down beat, but underneath it, a Dog has a great heart.

Love matches: Tiger, Horse

Rom-Com Counterpart: Rachel Jansen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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