Weekend Podcast Guide: 90s Nostalgia, Shakespeare and More!

Frolic Podcast Network Weekly Wrap-up!

Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 443. Snowed In Romance Recs with Amanda & Sarah

Amanda and I are back! We’re chatting about dubious coverage of romance around Valentine’s day – and the outstanding article that Amanda was quoted in that appeared on Forbes.com, written by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Then we answer a reader recommendation letter from Kate, who is looking for snowed in romances! Plus food, video games, and a typical number of breakthroughs.

Bonus bonus woot woot! Stay tuned after this episode for a fantastic and rather expansive sample of the audiobook of Erica Ridley’s new historical romance, The Duke Heist!
Bodice Tipplers
Bodice Tipplers: Lightening that Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis

Y’all, it’s our first Loveswept! She’s a children’s librarian, he’s stripping to fund his owl-rescue habit! It’s incredibly sweet and just wonderful in every possible way, there are no major content warnings, just read this one – trust us.

The Shipping Room
The Shipping Room: Episode 157: Saved by the Bell with author Matt Pais

We were SO excited to be joined this week by author Matt Pais, who wrote the book Zack Morris Lied 329 Times! to talk about the classic Saved by the Bell! Was Zack Morris the worst? Why do we fondly remember Zack & Kelly? Were Jessie and Slater the better Bayside couple? Did Tori even exist? Why didn’t Lisa ever get a boyfriend? We’re answering these questions and also breaking down a few of Zack’s many lies, talking about some of our favorite episodes, and more!

Click here for where to listen.

Couples Talking Couples Podcast
Couple’s Talking Couples: Much Ado About Nothing

Sigh no more, audience, sigh no more because Ashley and Ryan are ending their 96 episode Shakespeare drought by diving into the 1993 film adaptation “Much Ado About Nothing.” Discussion topics include: Shakespeare’s seven schemes, performative seduction pranks, and why priests are always trying to convince teens to fake their own deaths.

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: January 29, 2021

More on the love/hate reaction to art, the meh-response to long series and what I think is happening there, and also a shout out to @jeff_and_will at the Big Gay Fiction podcast!

First Cup of Coffee – February 1, 2021: Today kicks off #FaRoFeb and you can get HR Moore’s Queen of Empire free! Also my creative magic earrings, finishing up Dark Wizard, how women see men vs the reverse, and the first hints of spring.

First Cup of Coffee – February 2, 2o21: Why decision-making-which includes writing-is so exhausting and how we can develop habits to make that easier. Also a bit on fantasy language, too-modern words, career slumps, and Victor Victoria.

First Cup of Coffee – February 4, 2021: Interviews I love and ones I don’t love so much, upcoming events with #FaRoFeb and others, a surprise for tomorrow, and my fraught history with being a blabbermouth and chronic privacy-invader.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 286 – Riley Hart’s Strong Friend Groups and Found Family

Jeff talks to author Riley Hart about three of her books: “Awkward Love,” which is also the February Big Gay Fiction Book Club selection, “Beautiful and Terrible Things,” and the forthcoming “Finding Ian.” Riley shares her love of flawed characters, strong friend groups and found family as well as what got her started writing. She’s also got some book recommendations and details on what’s coming later this year.

SSR Podcast
The SSR Podcast: Episode 131: The Secret of the Attic (Magic Attic Club #1) (with Mackenzie Newcomb)

Alli and her guest discuss the first book in the Magic Attic Club series, The Secret of the Attic. They chat about the Magic Attic Club brand as a whole and answer your burning questions — Is it related to American Girl? And where did it even go? They also discuss representations of racial and religious diversity in kid lit, the Magic Attic girls they most relate to, their deep-seated fears of kidnapping, and more.

Mackenzie Newcomb is the founder of the Bad Bitch Book Club and the co-host of the Friends 2 Lovers podcast. Follow her (@mackinstyle) and Bad Bitch Book Club (@badbitch.bookclub) on Instagram.


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