Weekend Podcast Guide: Hot Earl Summer and More!


Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 462. An AMA with AMAnda and Sarah, Part the First!

I asked the Patreon community what they’d like to ask Amanda and I, and howdy damn, I got some really thoughtful and fun questions! In this conversation, we’re talking about astrology, apps, allergies, and all the book recs. If you like hanging out while we chat, this episode is for you. Thanks to everyone in the Patreon community for their questions!

Feminists Without Mystique: Ep 135: Joe Manchin and the Filibuster

We discuss West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and his incredibly frustrating and destructive insistence on bipartisanship in a world where bipartisanship just doesn’t exist. (Thanks, Mitch McConnell!) Manchin refuses to acknowledge this reality, respect the will of the majority of voters, and join his Democratic colleagues in voting for wildly popular bills like the HR1 For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. If he truly believes everyone has the right to vote, and the GOP is working overtime to pass restrictive laws making it harder to vote… solutions are staring him in the face.

We see you: DC Comics, Kevin Hart, Hungarian Parliament, West Point High School, Sutton Stracke, Edouardo Jordan
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: June 11, 2021

About upcoming – in person! – conferences, a little-known secret about how conrunners avoid bloodshed on panels. Also how I’m the cat who walks by herself, and other thoughts on the virtues of aloneness.

First Cup of Coffee -June 14, 2021: Finding ways to give myself real time off and how that’s difficult when you work for yourself. Also on the raging success of DARK WIZARD over the weekend, hitting the Kindle Top 100, and other nourishing vindications.

First Cup of Coffee – June 15, 2021:Family emergencies, jealously guarding your writing time, and how to get back on the pillow when you fall off. Also thoughts on those who prey on authors with new releases and other scammers and scavengers.

First Cup of Coffee – June 17, 2021:On the vicissitudes and vagaries of traditional publishing and other tales of tail-chasing. I also do a secret garden reveal, talk about the segregation of readers and fandom, and otherwise I have book brain.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 316 – Author Steven Rowley’s Feel Good Summer Read
Author Steven Rowley talks about his delightful new novel ““The Guncle,” its “Auntie Mame” influences, and how he struck the balance between humor, grief and a little bit of romance. Steven also shares his experience recording the audiobook, offers some book recommendations, and shares what Pride means to him. Jeff & Will also review “The Guncle” and Steven’s Audible Original “The Dogs of Venice.” The guys also talk about the final season of “Pose” and the “In the Heights” film adaptation.
Honestly!?: Episode #175 – We Famously Love Internet

On this week’s episode we’re talking about One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston, Shadow and Bone, the never-ending drama between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein, David Dobrik’s return to the internet, fatphobic trends on TikTok, and more!

Wit Beyond Measure Logo
Wit Beyond Measure: Emma – 1996 Gwyneth Paltrow Adaptation

Have you seen the cover of the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma adaptation and wonder why she is drawing a bow? Yeah, well, turns out there isn’t much explanation in the film either. This week, Catrina and Elle discuss all things 1996 Emma adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Toni Collette, and Ewan McGregor.

How does this version hold up against the book? Is it as funny as the 2020 version? Did we get the romance? The drama? Did we finally believe that Frank Churchill actually had a thing for Jane Fairfax?

Most importantly, what the heck is up with Ewan McGregor’s hair?
Lit Wallflowers Logo
Lit Wallflowers: Ravenels – Cold-Hearted Rake – Time

We’re kicking off #HotEarlSummer and a new series with newly dubbed Earl of Trenear, Devon, from Lisa Kleypas’ Ravenels series!

Devon and his brother didn’t have a nurtured upbringing and spent most of their adult days being libertines. The last thing Devon expected was to inherit an earldom with huge debts.

Widowed through the previous earl, Kathleen awaited what the new earl will do with her and his cousins. Although she experienced abandonment in her past, her nurturing ways came from a horse-loving pseudo-family and planned to take care of her sisters-in-law upon being asked to leave the estate. And, although a good influence, Kathleen didn’t expect to be needed and wanted because she knows loneliness well.

What Devon realized was the inheritance may have brought him debts, but Kathleen brought purpose to his life. What he may not have wanted as a single man, he wanted now with her.

We don’t know what life will bring us or who we’ll meet. The most unlikely person may become the one we can cry to. The most unlikely person may be the one who breaks through and gets us to care for more than ourselves. Join us as we discuss how events can lead us to people who can help us become better over time and who we’ll gladly give our time to!


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