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Want to find your next bingeable podcast? Don’t know where to start? Scared you’ve missed something?  We have listed episodes from our amazing podcasters from the last week for you to check out!

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books: 475. Badass Anthologies and Vintage YA with Dahlia Adler

YA Author, reviewer, and editor Dahlia Adler joins me to talk about all the Badass Anthologies she’s editing, about her upcoming book, Home Field Advantage, and her latest, Cool for the Summer. And, inspired by a recent Instagram pic of her Bantam Love Stories collection, we also talk about vintage YA romances.

Stay tuned for the outro where I have a special announcement of a new podcast project inspired by this conversation!

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Lit Wallflowers: League of Extraordinary Women – A Rogue of One’s Own

We finally find out how Tristan knows about Lucie’s cat in “A Rogue of One’s Own” by Evie Dunmore!

Lord Tristan Ballentine was enchanted when he saw Lady Lucinda riding her horse towards him and his hiding place one summer. He just arrived at her home and did not expect to be slapped on the face for a misunderstanding with his undone breeches. Then for the next several summers, he would torment her.

Fifteen years later, Lady Lucie was on the verge of getting majority shares of a publishing company. What she did not expect was to be equal partners with her nemesis, Tristan, who has his own familial and financial reasons for wanting control of the company. The only way Tristan would give majority shares to Lucie was to spend one night with him.

Finally taking a suffragist’s advice to take a lover to destress, Lucie and Tristan spent more than one night together which only deepened their hidden feelings for each other. Then things got messy when Lucie caught Tristan out with her cousin and supposed fiancée.

There is nothing we would not do for those we love. Sometimes we sacrifice for them, sometimes we fight for them, or sometimes we let our guard down. When we have been pining for someone for a long time, we fight for them. If we learn we misunderstood them or the situation, we fight for them. Join us as we discuss shieldmaiden Lady Lucinda and catnip (to humans and pets) Lord Tristan Ballentine!

League of Extraordinary Women – Portrait of a Scotsman with Evie Dunmore and @biologistreadsromance: Special guest and author Evie Dunmore has graciously allowed us to fangirl over her and her new release Portrait of a Scotsman!

Hattie Greenfield went to an invite-only art gallery without her bodyguard and without a chaperone. The gallery’s owner, Lucien Blackstone, did not know he was trying to be more charitable. When his art restorer told him a wet woman was there for the tour, he thought it was a tour of his body.

Hattie finds out the man she kissed and slapped was Mr. Blackstone himself. Since then, she tried to avoid her father’s rival. However, she gets another invite to his gallery as the potential patroness of his non-existent (at the moment) charity.

As they say, opposites attract and if you do not want to be betrothed to a dark hero make sure the room does not have double-sided windows. There are two sides to a person and a marriage of inconvenience will definitely bring out both sides to run from or grow with. Join us as we discuss photographer Hattie and philanthropist Lucien!

Click here for where to listen.

First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy
First Cup of Coffee with Jeffe Kennedy: September 10, 2021

Fessing up to a mistake I made (sorry Kobo readers!) and talking about making mistakes in general and how to handle that. Also progress on THE DRAGON’S DAUGHTER AND THE WINTER MAGE.

First Cup of Coffee – September 13, 2021: How to put action in action scenes. How some authors like to write sex scenes and others action scenes, but rarely both and why. I’m also offering advice on how to get past writing the thing you don’t like to write.

First Cup of Coffee – September 14, 2021:How various approaches to learning craft can also be useful in analyzing your work in progress, particularly if you’re an intuitive writer like me, along with other thoughts on the MICE quotient.

First Cup of Coffee – September 16, 2021:THE DRAGON’S DAUGHTER AND THE WINTER MAGE is done!!! I did a marathon day yesterday finishing it off – wrote almost 5K – and I’m celebrating this win. Also a bit about intuition, subconscious, and consciousness.

Jeff and Will's big gay fiction
Big Gay Fiction Podcast: Episode 332 – At the Ballet with James Whiteside

In a change from our usual interviews with fiction authors, Jeff & Will welcome American Ballet Theatre principal dancer James Whiteside to discuss “Center Center,” his recently released memoir. James is a dancer, musician, drag performer and has now added author and audiobook narrator to his credits. He talks with us about choosing which of his life experiences to explore and how he used writing to creatively present them.


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