Creator Mongie Dream Casts Let’s Play! Part 2

Let's Play Dream Casting
Let's Play Dallas Hudson
Dallas Hudson

Jake Brennan: This role was actually really difficult for me to cast given that I don’t know a lot of young actors.  Dallas is an obnoxious little shit, and I think Jake has the acting experience needed to pull off the role.

Let's Play Dee

Raven-Symoné: They are basically the same people when I think about it.

Let's Play Ms. Whipple
Ms. Whipple

Betty White: Because who doesn’t love Betty White?  Plus, Ms. Whipple comes across as that sweet landlady, but she can also be really intimidating at times.  It would be awesome to see Betty White try to play that “darker side”.

Let's Play Eva Dawson
Eva Lawson

Celina Jade or Grace Huang: Eva is a tough nut to crack.  She athletic, aggressive, and an overachiever.  She would need a strong actress to portray her energy.

Let's Play Samuel Young, Jr.
Samuel Young, Sr.

Nick Offerman, John Goodman or Jon Hamm: Samuel Sr. is my favorite character, and I also think he would be one of the hardest characters to pull off acting-wise.  He goes from stern businessman one moment to a crybaby the next.  And I think this list of actors has the skills to pull that off. 

Let's Play Sam's Mom
Sam’s Mother

Jane Seymour, Robin Wright, Christie Brinkley or Charlize Theron: We’ve only briefly seen Sam’s mom as of now, but her mother has made a name for herself as being the face of a popular erectile dysfunction drug and its commercials.  She would have to be a beautiful woman who has aged gracefully.  Not to mention, she would have to be a lady to who can handle her husband when necessary.

Let's Play Jay Young
Jay Young

David Harbour: Jay is a big, overprotective brother and doctor.  David has played the role of “protector” before, and I think he would do Jay justice.

Let's Play Ruth Hader
Ruth Hader

Mindy Kaling: Ruth is Jay’s fiancé.  She’s sweet, bubbly, and firm when necessary.  Mindy has these qualities in spades.

About the Author:

Mongie is an illustrator, concept artist, former code-monkey, part-time Amazonian princess, level 14 elven-mage, recovering MMO addict, retired tuba player, and a short-order cook to her cats.

Twitter: @mongrelmarie

Facebook: @mongrelmarie


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