Friendships Are the Best Ships: 5 Summertime BFF Reads

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Summer is one of the perfect times to hang out with girlfriends while drinking mimosas and fangirling over all the fluffy summer reads on your TBR! Even though everyone loves a good summer romance, there are many fluffy friendship books that are set in the summer that will make you want to grab your best friend and go on an epic Thelma and Louise like road trip minus the jumping over the cliff part! Here is a list of classic friendship reads and newly released reads that are set in the summer!

Girls of July by Alex Flinn

Four distinctly different girls at different times in their lives are staying in a cabin by the mountains in July. Britta is the quintessential drama queen, Meredith is the classic overachiever who is obsessed with preparing for college, Kate is a socialite with a dark family secret, and Spider is the intellectual who is dealing with profound pain. Four of these women stay in a cabin by the mountains for the entire month of July and learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible.

Girls of July seems like the perfect slice of life kind of book that is relatable and thought provoking. When this book releases this July, take this book along with you on a summer getaway with the girls!

The Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald 

Connie McColl is at a time in her life when she is finally free and ready to make her own decisions in life. She meets Gill and Maggie at an extremely boring flower arrangement class and invites them to come with her on a glorious European vacation. Together they navigate the beaches of France and Italy in their ultra-bougie campervan having the time of their lives. While they are on their vacation each of the women have their own set of plans and the vacation doesn’t go quite the way they expected…

MacDonald’s book seems like the perfect summer read to add to your TBR! This is the kind of book about how the journey of life could be the beginning of a whole new exciting and surprising chapter. After all a summer TBR list isn’t complete without adding a book about a life changing European vacation with your best friends!

Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson 

Emily has a best friend named Sloane who she spends all her summer adventures with. Emily lives in the shadow of Sloane and is content with being the quiet friend until Sloane disappears. The only thing that Sloane has left her is a list of the thirteen essential things she needs to do to have the best summer of her life…

Emily’s best friend Sloane is the kind of girl that you need to liven up your summer plans! When Emily receives the list from Sloane she learns that the key to having an amazing summer is to step out of your comfort zone!

Fireworks by Katie Cotugno

Dana has always watched Olivia from the sidelines who strives to be the next superstar. When Olivia decides to travel to Orlando to audition to be a part of a girls group, Dana decides to tag along. Dana’s life completely changes when she gets picked randomly out of a crowd to audition for the same girls group as her best friend Olivia. Now she is a member of the new girl group Daisy Chain along with her best friend and she quickly realizes that training to be a pop sensation comes with its’ setbacks. Dana learn to survive through the long hours of learning pop and locks, crushing on a boy band member, and dealing with Britney wannabes.  And for these two best friends they are about to embark on the greatest opportunity of their lives where their friendship is put through the ultimate test.

If you were a total fangirl for boy bands back in the 90’s this book is total wish fulfillment! It is the perfect guilty pleasure to reminisce those Orlando days of 90’s boy bands. Turn up those 90’s boy bands playlist on Spotify and indulge in this nostalgic read.

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen 

Hailey and Scarlett have always been inseparable and nothing could tear them apart. Then their friendship gets shaken up when Scarlett’s boyfriend tragically dies from a motorcycle accident and learns that she is pregnant with his baby. Scarlett is at a time in her life when she needs Hailey more than ever and learns to be strong for Scarlett. Hailey and Scarlet learn about growing up, the pangs of first love, and the true meaning of friendship.

There is no one better than Sarah Dessen when it comes to the complicated nature of friendship. Dessen is perfectly in tune with the psyche of a teenage girl and understands the struggles of growing up. If you want a classic vintage novel about growing up in the nineties with a best friend, this is one of the sweetest and most heartfelt reads about just that.

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