Our Favorite Books with Sibling Rivalries


[Note from Frolic: This post is brought to you by our friends at Kensington. Looking for your new favorite book featuring a sibling rivalry? Look no further than You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti!] 

Calling all brothers, sisters, middle kids, and evil twins — if you’re looking for a riveting read about sibling rivalries, you’re in the right place. We decided to pick our favorite stories with some good ole juicy family gossip… our favorite sibling rivalries. Without further ado, here’s the round-up.

You Can Hide by Rebecca Zanetti 

If you’ve ever wondered, “What if someone I love killed someone?” then this book is the one for you. Zanetti’s thriller follows the story of two half-sisters who are worlds apart. It’s a yin-and-yang situation where one sis — who happens to be in law enforcement — brings the light and the other… well, she’s a sociopath who brings the dark. Prepare for sister-to-sister rivalry, dead bodies, suspense, and a few plot twists.

The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin 

This book tells the tale of four siblings who were forced to grow up early, following their father’s death and their mother’s off-and-on presence. Renee, Caroline, Joe, and Fiona only had each other to rely on. Naturally, they became incredibly close — that is until adulthood hits. They go their separate paths, which makes it hard for them to understand each other… or the life paths they chose. It isn’t until another family crisis that they’re reunited and forced to face their differences. 

The Other Sister by Sarah Zettel 

The Other Sister plays out a good-sister-evil-sister dynamic that started 20 years ago with a mother’s mysterious death. Her two daughters lived separate lives — physically and morally — but they come back together for one united mission: to kill their father. Good, evil, or indifferent, they have the plan to put in motion. Will they succeed? Read the novel to see for yourself. 

The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

An instant New York Times bestseller, The Vanishing Half centers on the narrative of two identical twins who grew up in a small, southern black community. They both attempted to flee from their hometown at 16, but only one was successful. Their lives end up completely different. Years down the road, they find themselves reunited… but worlds apart. This novel touches on race, family, feminism, and more — so it’s a perfect read for anyone jonesing for a sibling duo. 

Like Brothers by Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Mindy Kaling 

The Duplass duo started as brothers and blossomed into creative partners. Like Brothers takes readers through a series of essays traveling through time as the Duplass brothers became independent filmmakers. Okay, this one isn’t exactly a rivalry. If you like fact-based inspiring stories about siblings, don’t miss this fun read. Bonus points: Mindy Kaling is a co-author, so you know she’ll sneak in a few laughs here and there. 

If you’re ready to call up your own sibling to resurrect a family fight from 15 years ago, hold the phone. Snag one of these books first — we promise you won’t be disappointed. Plus, isn’t it better to read someone else’s drama instead of rehashing your own? That’s what we thought. Enjoy! 

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