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I watch a lot of TV, particularly sitcoms, to get my romance fix. Looking back at the comedies I grew up on as a child of the ‘90s — Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, Sister Sister, to name a few — I realize now that I was there for the love. I wanted to see the ups and downs of Cory and Topanga’s relationship. I swooned over Zack and Kelly. I crushed hard on Tamara’s smarty-pants boyfriend, Jordan. These sitcoms shaped my view of romance as entertainment. And now, when I watch TV, I focus on the same aspects that made me fall in love with those shows: chemistry between characters, tropes, storytelling, and the Happily Ever After.

My favorite love story arcs are able to lace a swoony romance with humor, silliness and sparkle while also keeping me on the edge of my seat. They can make me feel all the same ooey-gooey emotions that an epic, sweeping love story might. For example, I’ve cried about five times while watching Schitt’s Creek. But generally, the characters in a sitcom are much less likely to get murdered at a wedding Game of Thrones-style. As a romance reader, that’s why I like comedies and sitcoms, especially the ones that lead with compassion. Even though an HEA isn’t necessarily guaranteed, like in a romance novel, I know that happiness and humor will normally prevail.

So without further ado, here are a few current standout comedy couples that I think romance readers will love! These stories often flip the best romance tropes. The characters have chemistry. The storytelling is amazing.

Fingers crossed all of these shows get renewed in perpetuity, or, in the case of One Day at a Time, picked up by another network! Spoilers ahoy!

Jason Mendoza and Janet on The Good Place

Why will romance readers love them?

Closed-off character catches feelings: Janet (not a robot, but kind of totally a robot) finds herself having feelings for the first time ever. She’s a smiley, pleasant rendition of the reserved, emotionally constipated character we all love! Seeing her accept her emotions and fall in love with Jason is such a delight.

Amnesia trope: Jason, who is the most loveable doofus, has his memory wiped after falling in love with Janet. They have to find their way back to each other even though his memory never returns.

David Rose and Patrick Brewer in Schitt’s Creek

Why will romance readers love them?

Fish out of water trope: The very wealthy Rose family, David included, find themselves destitute in Schitt’s Creek. David is hilarious as a former socialite/art gallery owner turned small-town boy.

First times: David is pansexual (the scene where he explains this using wine is my favorite ever) and experienced. Patrick, however, has never been with a man until David, and the writers portray this with a lot of warmth. Even better, homophobia does not have a home in this show.

Grand gestures: Patrick sings “Simply the Best” for David at an open mic night, and it’s actually really good! David, who is initially embarrassed, ends up swooning all over the place. David eventually returns the favor with a grand gesture of his own that is just as romantic.

Dr. Jean F. Milburn and Jakob Nyman on Sex Education

Why will romance readers love them?

Hot doctor: Gillian Anderson’s turn as Dr. Milburn, a sex therapist, is too hot to handle. She’s smart, sexy and ambitious. Plus, she has the best clothes.

Hot handyman: Widower Jakob is Jean’s super tempting handyman. He is rebellious, passionate and earthy. In a lot of ways, he’s her foil, so it’s a delicious opposites attract love story.

Forbidden romance: Jakob and Jean’s teenage children also have a bit of a romance going on, so Jean and Jakob try to deny their feelings and attraction. Unsuccessfully.

Lydia Margarita and Dr. Leslie Berkowitz on One Day at a Time

Why will romance readers love them?

Slow burn romance: Lydia, played by the dynamic Rita Moreno, and Dr. Berkowitz have a delicious will they/won’t they relationship. Lydia is still mourning her late husband’s death but slowly finds a companion in Leslie.

Seasoned love story: The writers of this show give this budding romance between two older characters the perfect amount of emotional bandwidth and depth. Their relationship is presented with nuance, sweetness and sensitivity.

Friends-to-maybe-lovers: Lydia insists they are just platonic friends, but she also gets very jealous when Leslie dates other people. There are obviously non-platonic feelings involved. Lydia just needs to face them!

Petra Solano and Jane Ramos on Jane the Virgin

Why will romance readers love them?

Forbidden Romance: Petra and Jane Ramos (not to be confused with the title character, Jane) are client and lawyer. Petra is being framed for murder, and Jane is trying to get her off (wink, wink). Their client/lawyer relationship is a source of conflict.

Unresolved Sexual Tension: Petra, who can be kind of an ice queen, is suddenly reduced to giggles and sexy daydreams and sighing over text messages when confronted with Jane Ramos. The longing and sexual tension between them is off the charts.

Fake relationship: This show is a telenovela, so there are all kinds of twists and turns. Jane is being blackmailed into getting a guilty verdict for Petra, but she lets Petra in on the scheme. In order to trick the blackmailer, Jane pretends to seduce Petra, which turns into a very real, and very swoony, seduction.

About the Author:

Erin McLellan is the author of several contemporary romances set in the Great Plains, with characters who are complex, good-hearted, and sometimes a little quirky. Originally from Oklahoma, Erin currently lives in Alaska.

Her latest release, Clean Break, is a male/male college romance between a fussy farm boy and an ambitious pre-law student. Check it out to get your fix of enemies-to-lovers, an escape-the-small-town romance, and lots of spanking and cuddling. Find her here:


Clean by Erin McLellan out now!

Connor’s To-Do List:
– Learn to accept my future on the family farm
– Be social, to a degree
– Make a secret bucket list
– Have a real conversation with Travis Bradford

Travis’s To-Do List:
– Get into my top law school
– Get the hell out of Elkville, Oklahoma
– Stay focused on my dreams and goals—no crushes, no distractions
– Get spanked by hot and perfectly fussy farm boy, Connor Blume

Travis and Connor do not like each other, but after being paired together in Entomology 101, their mutual hostility explodes into secret after-class hookups and unexpected feelings. With graduation looming near and their careers taking them in different directions, they’ll have to decide if a future together is worth adjusting their to-do lists and letting go of their carefully laid plans.


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