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This year February gave us an extra Leap Day to read, which is only ever a good thing. For me, picking one favorite was especially tricky this month, I read so many books that could’ve easily made the cut. After a long January, I was pleasantly surprised by that little turn of events. My fellow Frolic contributors have a great list of books for your consideration. Did you have a favorite February read? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Donna Soluri | Suddenly Psychic by Elizabeth Hunter

My love of characters over forty is no secret, just as my love of paranormal romance knows no bounds. Outside of shifter books, my favorites deal with ghosty, psychic things, maybe I was a ghost hunter in a previous life! In Suddenly Psychic, three friends of a certain age, going through some earth rattling life changes, end up in a car accident at the bottom of their town’s mysterious lake. When they finally surface, all three have physic abilities they didn’t have before sinking to the bottom of the lake. In this book, Robin, whose marriage of twenty plus years is rocky at best, her nest is emptying at the speed of light, and her mother is…well, a difficult to please mother, ends up with the ability to see ghosts. These ghosts can also see her and speak to her. Some of them want or need some help from her, others just want to be left alone. Robin’s eccentric grandmother is on her deathbed, and one mysterious ghost seems emotionally attached to her and wants to protect her during her journey to the other side. To do so, Robin and her friends have to figure out who murdered our ghostly man while sorting out how to rid her grandmother’s house of an evil spirit. 

I loved this book so much and highly recommend it. I can’t wait to read the stories of Robin’s friends. Monica has dream premonitions, and Val sees the history of an object when she touches them. While the secondary characters will overlap, these books could easily be read as standalones, so get to reading, you won’t be disappointed.

Aurora Dominguez | Crave by Tracy Wolff

My favorite February read was Crave by Tracy Wolff. The vampire romance rivals that of Twilight, and it’s full of suspense and interesting characters that keep you turning to the last page. I devoured it in two days! I highly recommend this book, which comes out on April of 2020. I was lucky to get an ARC as Frolic’s YA expert. 

Alexandra Somelian Looking for Alaska by John Green

After hearing the announcement about the Hulu adaptation of Looking for Alaska, I knew I had to read this iconic John Green book that was literally collecting dust in my bookshelf. Due to the manic pixie girl fixation, it wasn’t my favorite John Green book, but I was particularly moved by the theme of the meaning of life, our purpose, and what happens after you die. These aren’t the kind of discussions I have typically read in young adult novels and I really loved the way the characters deeply explored these themes. Green accurately portrayed how hard it is to grow up and realize that life is often uncertain and can be remarkably unfair. Looking for Alaska teaches us that nothing lasts forever and that we must always live in the present; hence we don’t miss any part of our beautifully complicated lives.

Bree Hill | Beyond Time by JA Armstrong

This is an amazingly written lesbian romance novella that had me hooked from the moment I began reading it. Our heroine is a television journalist named Mercy, and we follow her journey of piecing the past together and coming to terms with the idea of a past love of hers and how it has transcended through time, a true testament that true love always finds its way back. I loved it so much!

Frolic Manager of Creative Operations Jillian Davis | When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

My latest obsession is When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare. This Regency/Scottish Highlands romance novel has everything – a nerdy wallflower heroine, burly roguish Scottish hero, and a marriage of convenience that’ll save a bruised and battered battalion. I love the tension between these characters, and how difficult it is for them to resist each other!

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